Session 2: telling my story



Group work on telling my story

Insights into life; knowing my journey.


NOTE: the readings referred to throughout this study are from John Steward’s book “From Genocide to Generosity.” It’s available in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon



Read pages 20-26 from Chapter 1, Coping with Chaos.

Step 1

To have a good group discussion about our lives we must first feel safe and free. Review the agreements we made in the first session. Read the list of our what group needs to function well and be a safe space.

Is there anything that we feel is missing and want to add to our list?


Step 2

Divide into threes (or pairs). Each person is invited to share a 15 minute summary of their life journey, while the listener(s) stay silent.

The listeners may then ask one or two questions to expand or clarify (find out more or to get a clearer understanding) but NOT to evaluate, analyze, advise and correct. Then the listeners say what touched them in what they heard (total time 25 mins per person X 3 = 1 ¼ hour).

Only share what you wish to share.


Step 3

As a whole group, reflect on what I experienced in telling my story.

What was it like being listened to?

What happened when I could speak without pressure from the listener(s)?

Do not reveal details or comment on the content of others’ stories, just your own.


Step 4

As a group, reflect on what it was like to listen respectfully to the story of another?


Step 5

Group sharing: what impressed me from the reading to prepare for this session?

What in this experience today helps me connect with the stories in the first two paragraphs on page 21, and also Josephine’s words on pages 23-24. (“Since my childhood…”)


Step 6

Reflection: what stays with me today? What am I feeling now?


Step 7

Confirm the date and time for the next group session.

The preparation for the next session is to read Insights from Josephine (pages 27-29) and part of pages 51-52, beginning with “During our conversation…”


Step 8

Watch these short videos on Rwanda’s story: