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In May ’16 I received news that From Genocide to Generosity had been chosen as one of ten finalists for the INDIEFAB Book of 2015 on the topic of Grief and Grieving. I thought this to be a happy outcome, because someone had read the book and judged it to make a useful contribution to the topic.

As the book is not a textbook on grief I was satisfied to be a finalist and, Langham creative, my publisher, released a statement for its website and members and supporters of their work.

When an email came in July to congratulate me on being the author of the Gold Award in this category Sandi and I celebrated and gave thanks. For such an award has an intangible value: it invites people to look twice at the book and begin to search what it says on the chosen theme. Wonders never cease!


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The stories in From Genocide to Generosity do contain many elements of grief, for grief was the predominant emotion when we first arrived in Rwanda. And it was expressed in many forms of wounded-ness, characterized by shame and blame, tears and fears, inner struggles and outward bursts of anger and confusion.


However From Genocide to Generosity is not a book about people stuck in grief, but about people recovering from grief. They have taken the journey towards healing by beginning the work of grieving.


After having a marvelous year with the book I see now that grief and sadness through loss, suffering and violence holds back many people all over the world. This prevents us from living to the potential with which we are endowed.

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Wounds never cease! That’s why this book has an important on-going contribution for us, wherever we take the time to dig into it. To promote this opportunity I am planning short videos to guide people in book groups to find the steps toward their healing, by facing grief and growing in faithfulness to the healing of their inner wounds. But you first need to know the stories in the book because the Rwandans will give you the courage to try.


So, keep an eye out for new segments on,which will guide you in how to share with a group of friends and make a journey with grace, purpose and support. The first video addition is a short explanation of the brilliant cover created by Annthea Hick of Melbourne.

From Genocide to Generosity is now available as an E-BOOK / E-PUB and you can order it on-line or by Print-On-Demand almost anywhere in the world.

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    1. Yes thx Wynsome – and a big plus for Rwandans who have had the courage to heal. They want the world to know that forgiveness is difficult but possible.

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