Facilitator’s guide

To live well and to do well


Welcome to this introduction of the Guidelines for Facilitators.

In 2016 world leaders committed to a set of 17 Sustainable development goals, which map the challenges to securing a just and sustainable future. These goals call us all to change, and this study, TO LIVE WELL & TO DO WELL, relates closely to four of the goals:

  • 3. Health and wellbeing,
  • 5. Gender equality,
  • 10. Reduced inequalities and
  • 16. Peace, Justice and strong institutions.

The Study is based on the book From Genocide to Generosity, real-life case studies from Rwandans. These people and their stories are our teachers.

Why Rwanda? Everywhere I have spoken someone will say if change like that can happen to people in Rwanda, it can happen anywhere in the world.

Please watch the following videos. My aim is to give you a feel for the content, before you facilitate the sessions.









Download a PDF of the Guidelines for Facilitators.

Download a PDF of the Complete Study Guide.

Download a PDF of the Facilitators Briefing and Information.

Download a PDF with Information about obtaining a copy of the book From Genocide to Generosity

Download a PDF outlining the Pain Release Ceremony

Download a sample invitation for the To Live Well small group study (in Word format)