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The stories in the award-winning From Genocide to Generosity contain principles for steps of healing and change for individuals after difficult events. But the stories do not spell out how you move from grief, bitterness, hatred etc. The process to do this is now explained and developed.

To enable your small group to find some of the principles in the book that can help you, I worked with a videographer to film key questions and ideas on how to step towards change.

I also consulted with reference people who assessed, tested and improved what I created. The material is now on Just click on Study Guide


Whilst the INDIEFAB GOLD award was for the topic of ‘Grief and Grieving’, the themes include a range of practical issues, including:

  • telling my story in a safe and trusting circle
  • bereavement, grief and loss
  • identifying and trusting my emotions and feelings
  • expressing emotions appropriately – where does violence come from?
  • understanding forgiveness – what it is not, as well as what it is.
  • knowing when reconciliation is possible – the role of confession & justice
  • what about relating to people who are different from me, such as Indigenous Australians?
  • what about communicating with people from other faiths?
  • Suggestions to guide your small group facilitators


To keep in touch with progress write to me at Come, be a part. Sincerely hopeful,

John Steward, who has founded a reconciliation program that has had more than 100,000 people go through it in Rwanda following the genocide. Relaxes at a writers retreat near Beechmont , outside the Gold Coast .
John Steward, who has supported reconciliation programs that have had more than 100,000 people go through in Rwanda following the genocide.


Born in Adelaide, South Australia Grew up in Java, Indonesia Educated high school and agriculture in Adelaide Theological education in Brisbane Overseas experience in Asia and Africa, North America and Europe

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