The story continues: part 4

On publishing the book: the copy-ready manuscript is at the publishers in the UK. The boutique publisher, Langham Global, focuses on the Majority World of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Most marketers favour the richer countries of North America, Europe and the southern hemisphere. Langham recognises that the content of the book is needed all over the world. So on-line orders for the paperback version and an e-book will be available.

From Genocide to Generosity will be published during May and June, and is written for a general audience. It does not contain technical language, but simply aims to allow Rwandans to tell their story and for me to guide those stories with meaningful introductions and comments.

A recent response to the manuscript:

We rarely fully explore the healing power of forgiveness in our day-to-day lives, so John Steward’s deeply personal, first-hand view of sacrificial forgiveness in the midst of the Rwandan genocide is unimaginable. The personal journeys of pain and reconciliation will break your heart and inspire you. This book, emerging from experience with World Vision staff and the communities they touched, will change your perspective on the human condition.

Kevin J. Jenkins, President and Chief Executive Officer, World Vision International


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