The book is launched

Already I have participated in four launches of the book From Genocide to Generosity. These times have affirmed the interest in the book among a wide range of people. In a later post I will add some of the speakers’ impressions. In this case my impression is people liked hearing a section of the book read aloud. They felt the emotion, the challenge and the hope which the stories tell. This connects with what readers are often telling me: that sometimes 2 or 3 pages are enough at a time, so there is space to reflect on what was happening and what it is saying to the reader.

I have been pleased also that some can’t put the book down once they start. One amazing piece of feedback came from a friend whose partner had not read a book in 18 years, but grabbed hold of this one and would not let it go until he completed reading it.

Here are some photos from the launches so far:

A launch food2 A launch Graley   A launch Valerie


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