Session 10: make peace if you can

Making peace

Telling my story | knowing pain and grieving loss | valuing and expressing feelings | making apology and practicing forgiveness | being generous and making peace


NOTE: the readings referred to throughout this study are from John Steward’s book “From Genocide to Generosity.” It’s available in paperback and Kindle format from Amazon


Step 1

The example of Musabyimana and Buhanda: What do we learn from their story?

Study the diagram below and discuss:

– What makes reconciliation possible?

– What aspect(s) do I need to build on?




Step 2 

Other groups: the basic approaches that are described in the book and suggested in this study guide has worked with different cultures and faiths.

What group(s) in our area can we engage with this study? How could we do that?


Step 3

A way to help express grief and loss. A guide to a PAIN RELEASE CEREMONY is available. This ceremony is useful for inter-faith groups and different cultures. Participants may also use it at home to enable loved-ones, including children, to benefit from opening their heart to express feelings at times of loss.


Step 4

Discuss: what drama, art or stories come to mind from my culture that convey insights and messages of healing, peace, justice or reconciliation?


Step 5

A celebration of the changes to mark our progress towards hope. See Step 9 below.


Step 6

Come, hear what happened: a show and tell to a friend whom I will invite as an on-looker, to hear how we have benefitted and want to promote peace, justice and civility. Who could I invite to the celebration? What will I celebrate?


Step 7

Personal care.

i. I need to start within 3 weeks making any proposed changes.

ii. If the change is to be part of my personal habits I need to practice it daily for 3 months. Take time to reflect on this challenge and how I make my resolve real.


Step 8

Sharing what I know. How has this study impacted me personally?

Why is this study important?

Who else could benefit from doing the study?


Step 9

Date, time & location for the Reunion/Celebration; make an invitation to my contacts, or a person from another faith or culture.

For our reunion and celebration it will help if I:-

– write a brief summary of my experience of my experience in this group, with my reflections, intentions and hopes after completing the study.

– bring notes, drawings or other expressions suitable for Show and Tell. (but only what I want to share with a general audience).


Step 10

Close: What am I feeling now? What would I like to say to this group, and to our facilitator?

Who will I encourage to participate next time?


To Live Well and To Do Well