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Six session STUDY GUIDE

The questions relate to the sections of the book From Genocide to Generosity, hatreds heal on Rwanda’s hills by John Steward Ph.D. The purpose of the questions is to reflect on the healing and hope conveyed in the stories and apply what we learn from the Rwandan experience.

“The first duty of love is to listen”, said Paul Tillich. It is essential that our conversations take place in an environment that provides freedom to talk from the heart, and safety to converse without any member of the group wanting to make us change our mind. This is consistent with the small group processes in Rwanda, which allow a person to open their heart without someone else interrupting, judging or correcting them.

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The book is launched

Already I have participated in four launches of the book From Genocide to Generosity. These times have affirmed the interest in the book among a wide range of people. In a later post I will add some of the speakers’ impressions. In this case my impression is people liked hearing a section of the book read aloud. They felt the emotion, the challenge and the hope which the stories tell. This connects with what readers are often telling me: that sometimes 2 or 3 pages are enough at a time, so there is space to reflect on what was happening and what it is saying to the reader.

I have been pleased also that some can’t put the book down once they start. One amazing piece of feedback came from a friend whose partner had not read a book in 18 years, but grabbed hold of this one and would not let it go until he completed reading it.

Here are some photos from the launches so far:

A launch food2 A launch Graley   A launch Valerie